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Travel Doctor was experts in all travel and tropical medicine. The Travel Doctor was established in New Zealand in 1996, and was one of the largest individual suppliers of travel medicine services in the world. They are able to provide a consistent and high quality service in the discipline of travel and tropical medicine. 

Travel Doctor original website was built over 12 years ago when tables was the main form of laying out websites. The old website was built with just desktops in mind and not mobile friendly for devices. 

The concept of this website was to give Travel Doctor a brand new fresh interface and a cleaner layout than from the old website and user friendly website as well as being more mobile friendly. 

After a couple consultations and back and forth with a few mock-up design ideas and concepts, I was able to manage to capture their final vision of the website. I then proceeded to start building the website in stages as requested by Travel Doctor. 

As I had gotten part of the website built and they had wanted to put what I done up live but keep me working in the background with the rest of the build in stages. By the time we was about to put the website up live, Covid-19 and lock-down had halted everything and work had stopped until end of lock-down. 

By the time lock-down had ended, I ended up with some unfortunate news that during the lock-down, Travel Doctor had lost a lot of business like many other companies and that they couldn’t keep the business afloat, so they eventually had to end up closing down business. 

It was an unfortunate situation as the new design and look for Travel Doctor was coming along nicely and having a new look for the company from the old website was exciting for both the company and myself. 

I had managed to do a bit more work on the website on my own time after Travel Doctor closed down, that I just couldn’t let it be unfinished, I’ve decided to see what else I could do with the new website by added in some parts off the old Travel Doctor website which I managed to take copies off before that website was shutdown.

The Results

traveldoctor screen shot

traveldoctor about page screen shot 


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