Brief Detail

Initial work to be done for Network Strategies is to have the website upgraded from the old version of SilverStripe v3.6.3 CMS/Framework to the latest version (as of date of the upgrade) of SilverStripe v4.4.2 CMS/Framework. 

The upgrade from SSv3.6.3 to SSv4.4.2 requires a bit of work as there are a lot of big changes to the structure and architecture of SSv4+, which means classes are namespaced to all models and database and a big restructure to the layout.

This was the second time I had worked and helped Network Strategies with their website. The first time was when they contacted me over a year ago for help with their website they started building using SilverStripe 3.5.3 but run into a few problems. I helped them finished the website and updated to the latest SSv3.6.3 CMS/Framework at the time.

As regards with this upgrade from SilverStripe v3.6.3 to SilverStripe v4.4.2, there was some big changes in the structure between them both so it wasn't going to be a simple update, it was a complete upgrade migration instead.

During the upgrade, I had chosen to do a manually migration, when I first tried doing the automatically upgrade, I ran into some problems and was not getting anywhere, with the manual upgrade, it gave me more control at each step and I could fix any problems that accrue as I go.

The Results

Network Strategies Website 1


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